John Picozzi

John Picozzi’s official role is Solutions Architect at EPAM working from home in Rhode Island. His unofficial role at any organization is resident Drupal fanatic;  He believes strongly in contributing to the Drupal community and supporting open source in any way he can.  John is the main organizer of the Drupal Providence Meetup, an Acquia-certified Site Builder, a co-host on Talking Drupal, and a co-organizer of the New England Drupal Camp. Throughout his career, he has crafted Drupal solutions for organizations like CVS Caremark, Leica Geosystems, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Marriott International, Rhode Island School of Design, and Getty Images.

Nic Laflin

Nic has been working with Drupal since late 2008 and owns a company that provides his clients creative solutions for everyday problems. Clients' needs range from government projects to e-commerce, higher education, and HIPAA-compliant medical service companies. Not one to shy away from challenges he has extensive experience integrating with AWS and developing systems to manage mobile application back-end systems. He speaks at local drupal camps and co-hosts a Drupal podcast. Outside of work he enjoys dancing salsa, cooking, and working on home automation.


Pasts Hosts

Stephen Cross

Stephen founded Talking Drupal in 2013.   He appeared as a host on the first 300 epsoides and now works behind the microphone. 

Stephen has been working with Drupal for ten years and building websites for more than twenty.  He is currently working on Drupal projects with the US Government and has experience in many SMB and Fortune 100 companies.  Catching the bug for open-source and the community around it, Stephen founded Talking Drupal in 2013 and the New England Drupal Camp in 2014.  He enjoys exploring and sharing technology ideas.  If you want to get him talking, ask him why Drupal developers should be using Linux.


Jason Pamental

Jason is a design strategist, UX leader, technologist, expert in web typography, and Invited Expert on the W3C Web Fonts Working Group. He writes, speaks, and works with teams and brand owners on how to set type better on digital platforms. He has spoken with organizations like Adobe, Audible, Condé Nast, GoDaddy, IBM—and given presentations and workshops at conferences all over the world. He also publishes a newsletter on web typography.