In episode #047 we talk about backup, from your local development environment to your production server.
In episode #046 we talk about building a Blog using Drupal.
In episode #045 we talk with Chris Shattuck about module development. Custom modules, contrib modules and some tips to get started. In the video version of the show, the focus is on Chris the entire time, while this was a mistake, we are not sure if we should apologize. (sorry Chris).
In episode #044 we talk about integrating Twitter into your Drupal website.
In episode #043 we talk about Web Fonts. Our resident expert, Jason, leads us through the world of Web Fonts answering questions like “What are web fonts?”, “Is it better to server them from my server or user a service?”, “How does the licensing work?”, “what are tips for choosing fonts?”
In episode #042, the Talking Drupal hosts talk about Search. We have varying experiences of implementing search within a website. There are internal Drupal and external Drupal options, we discuss both approaches.
Finally we are expects in a topic! In episode #045, oops #041, the Talking Drupal hosts talk about Drupal Mistakes. Every Drupal project is a learning experience. Hopefully we all get better with each project under our belt.
In episode #40 with talk about e-Learning with Bryan Ollendyke
In episode #039 we talk about performance basics.
In episode #038, Talking Drupal hosts are joined by Drupal founder Dries Buyaert. We talk about the early days of Drupal and the upcoming days of Drupal 8.