Talking Drupal #430 - Drupal in 2024

December 25, 2023
Today we are talking about Drupal in 2024, What we are looking forward to with Drupal 11, and the Drupal Advent Calendar with James Shields. We’ll also cover Drupal 10.2 as our module of the week.


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  • Advent calendar
  • Selection process
  • Popularity
  • Next year
  • Drupal features in 2024
  • Drupal 11
    • Project browser
    • Recipes / Starter templates
    • Automated updates
    • Gitlab
    • Smaller core
  • Predictions


  • Improvements include
    • Technology Updates
      • PHP 8.3
      • Includes capabilities that previously required contrib projects
      • File name sanitization
      • A search filter on the permissions page
    • End Users
      • Performance enhancements and improved caching APIs
      • Support for PHP Fibers to accelerate handling things like asynchronous remote calls
    • Content Creators
      • Revision UI for media
      • Wider editing area in Claro on large screens
      • The return of “Show blocks” in CKEditor 5, missing until now
    • Site Builders
      • Field creation UI has a new, more visual interface, and an updated workflow
      • Block visibility can now be based on the HTTP response status, for example to make it visible or invisible on 404 or 403 responses
      • Tour module is no longer enabled by default for the Standard and Umami profiles
      • New “negated regular expression” operator for views filters (string/integer), to exclude results matching a provided pattern
    • Site Owners
      • Announcements Feed is now stable and included in the Standard profile
      • The functionality in the experimental Help Topics module has been merged into the main Help module, so the Help Topics module is now deprecated
      • New permission: Use help pages
    • Developers
      • A fairly sizable change is a move to use native PHP attributes instead of doctrine annotations to declare metadata for plugin classes. Work is already underway to get core code converted, and an issue has been opened to have rector do this conversion for contrib projects
      • A new DeprecationHelper::backwardsCompatibleCall() method to help write Drupal extensions that support multiple versions of core
      • A PerformanceTestBase is now in core, to support automated testing of performance metrics
      • A new #config_target property in ConfigFormBase to simplify creating configuration forms
      • Symfony mailer is now a composer dependency of core
      • New decimal primitive data type
      • Expanded configuration validation, Symfony autowiring support, HTML5 output from the HTML utility class is now default, and more
      • In addition to these and the features highlighted in the official announcement, there are three pages of change records for the 10.2.0 release, and we’ll include a link to those in the show notes