Talking Drupal #367 - Don’t Game the Credit System

September 27, 2022
Today we are talking about Not Gaming the Credit System with Tim Lehnen.


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  • Episode 361
  • Who governs credit
  • What is “Gaming the System”
  • What is the motivation to game the system
  • What are the penalties
  • How is the Credit System used
  • How big of a problem is this
  • Why is this a difficult problem
  • Mike Herchel’s blog post
  • First time contributions
  • What to do if you see issues


The Facet module allows site builders to easily create and manage faceted search interfaces. In addition to the UI components that come out of the box, themers and module developers can build their own widgets that can optionally be contributed back to Facets work with Drupal Core Search and Search API, meaning that code and configuration can be reused as-is with the most popular search solutions available to Drupal.