Talking Drupal #361 - Drupal Credit System

August 16, 2022

Today we are talking about The Drupal Credit System with Matthew Tift.





  • What is the Drupal Credit system
  • How is credit given
  • How is credit tracked on the backend
  • What is the trickiest part of integration
  • Contributions are weighted, how is that handled
  • Why are contributions weighted
  • Are non code contributions included in the Drupal Credit system
  • How do you run analytics on the data
  • What is changing with the credit system
  • Other communities are thinking of integrating a credit system what are lessons shared


Module of the Week: 

Entity Redirect

Adds a configurable redirect after saving a node or other entity. The redirect is configurable per bundle. Also, given sufficient permissions (and presuming it is enabled for that specific content/bundle), individual users can configure their own redirects (on their profile edit page).