About Us

“A group a guys with one thing in common... we love Drupal.”

One of the first pieces of feedback we received for this show was “love the show but the intro is cheesy”. We agree, but it's true! 

In the Beginning

The seed of this show started when Jason and Stephen met many years ago. Stephen was providing web development services for a marketing agency and Jason became the acting Director of Interactive. They started meeting at their favorite watering hole, Starbucks in Wayland Square – Providence, to talk about “web stuff”. They extended that conversation by starting a Web Design book club that continues to meet every Wednesday at 8am, Jason calls it his church. (If you are interested in joining email stephen @ stephen@parallaxmail.com).

Talking Drupal Geneology

2006 – Stephen does work for Providence based agency.

2007 – Jason hired as Director of Interactive at agency and connects with Stephen.

2008 – Jason hires John.

2008 – Stephen and Jason start the book club

2009 – Stephen meets John through Jason (and still kicks himself for not hiring John when John was looking for a change

2010 – John joins the book club

2012 – Stephen, Jason and John create the Responsive Bootcamp (http://responsivebootcamp.com) conference to promote responsive web design

2013 – Nic attended the Western Mass Drupal Camp where Jason did the keynote presentation and car pooled with Stephen and John. Jason mentioned the book club during his presention and Nic joins.

2013 – Nic attends the second Responsive Bootcamp conference

2013 – In May they release episode #000 of Talking Drupal

Day to day

Outside of Talking Drupal, the hosts see each other at the monthly Providence Drupal Meetup (http://www.drupalpvd.org) and talk about Drupal, business and life. They often look to each other for support and advice. Talking Drupal is an extention of their growing friendship.