Stephen Cross

Stephen co-founded Parallax, as web development agency, in 1996 and has over 23 years of industry experience.  He created his first paid software system in the mid-80's for a bankruptcy attorney in Boston using Clipper ("compiled" xBase). Today, he's involved in all front end aspects of website development; requirements gathering, UX, design, HTML/CSS.  Parallax's clients include Fortune 100 companies and small businesses.  Stephen's team has introduced responsive design to many of their customers, including the first responsive site American Express Publishing.  Stephen spends his non-office hours researching and learning new 'web stuff'. His awesome and patient wife Erica keeps their two teenage daughters in-line while he's tinkering.


John Picozzi

John is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University and holds a Bachelors Degree in Web design and e-commerce as well as an Associates Degree in web development.  He is highly skilled across all areas of website development and design -  from server-side coding, to content layout and site architecture. He has worked in the advertising and PR industry where he built and maintained web solutions for national brands such as CVSCaremark, Marriott International and Dunkin Donuts. As well as local brands such as Autocrat Coffee and Textron Financial. 

Nic Laflin

Nic Laflin has been working with drupal since late 2008 and owns a company that provides his clients creative solutions for everyday problems.  He speaks at local drupal camps and his passion is automating drupal working with tools like aegir and internal distributions.  Nic is a co-maintainer of the Galaxy project.  Galaxy is a term coined to describe a system of systems or in drupal terms a distribution of distributions.