Skills Upgrade #9

May 01, 2024
Welcome back to “Skills Upgrade” a Talking Drupal mini-series following the journey of a D7 developer learning D10. This is the final episode, 9.


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  • Review status of Chad's Smart Date test
  • Panel discussion
    • Chad, What was your biggest takeaway?
    • Mike, How do you approach this type of one on one mentorship differently than your courses?
    • AmyJune, do you think there are other types of focused mentorship like this that would be valuable to the community?
    • Chad, what was the most surprising thing you learned in Modern Drupal vs Drupal 7?
    • Michael, what did you learn through this process?
    • How do you think people will use this journey to help their learning process?
    • Chad, what are your plans for your next contribution?




Chad's Drupal 10 Learning Curriclum & Journal
Chad's Drupal 10 Learning Notes

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