Talking Drupal #456 - DDEV Grows Up

June 24, 2024

Today we are talking about DDEV, The DDEV Community, and It’s Future Sustainability with guest Randy Fay and Andrew Berry. We’ll also cover DDEV Drupal Contrib as our module of the week.


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  • What is DDEV
  • In March you posted the DDEV Project Plan for 2024, what is the contributor training initiative
  • DDEV has grown rapidly over the past few years, what do you attribute that to
  • You seem to be the face of DDEV, who else is involved
  • How is DDEV funded
  • What happens when you retire
  • Does the DDEV Foundation have employees
  • What is DDEV coded in
  • What is your favorite feature of DDEV
  • What is next
  • How can people get involved
  • Brief description:
    • Have you ever wanted a local DDEV environment optimized for working on a Drupal contrib project? There’s a DDEV add-on for that.
  • Module name/project name:
  • Brief history
    • How old: created in Apr 2023 by Moshe Weitzman, a Drupal core maintainer, and according to his resume the first American to contribute to Drupal
    • Versions available: 1.0.0-rc8
  • Maintainership
    • Actively maintained
    • Test coverage
    • Documentation - Lengthy README
    • Number of open issues: 2 open issues, 1 of which is a bug
  • Module features and usage
    • The add-on adds two ddev commands to help during setup:
    • ddev poser creates a temporary composer.contrib.json, adding drupal/core-recommended as a dev dependency. It also runs composer install and yarn install so that all dependencies are available
    • The additional ddev symlink-project command adds symlinks from your project files to an expected path within the custom modules directory of the installed version of Drupal
    • Once it’s set up, you can easily run tests locally exactly the way they will be run in GitlabCI. It’s also even easier to apply any of the automatic fixes that are available, for example by running ddev phpcbf or ddev eslint with the –fix flag
    • You can also commit the generated .ddev directory inside your project, to make it easy for other contributors to use the same tools
    • I will note that after running ddev poser I got errors trying to use composer to add any other projects to the local environment, for example to use admin toolbar for manual testing
    • That said, this is another great example of how the set of Drupal developer tools is always improving, and also illustrates to the power of DDEV’s add-ons