Talking Drupal #452 - Starshot & Experience Builder

May 27, 2024
Today we are talking about web design and development, from a group of people with one thing in common… We love Drupal. This is episode #452 Starshot & Experience Builder.


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  • What is Starshot
  • What is Experience builder
  • How will Starshot build on Drupal Core
  • Will Experience builder be added to Core
  • Listener thejimbirch:
    • When will people hear about their pledge
  • Listener brook_heaton:
    • Will experience builder be compatible with layout builder
  • Will Experience builder allow people to style content
  • Listener Matthieu Scarset
    • Who is Starshot trying to compete with
  • Listener Andy Blum
    • Does the DA or other major hosting companies plan to set up cheap, easy hosted Drupal
  • Listener Ryan Szarma
    • Who does this initiative serve in the business community
  • How can people get involved