Talking Drupal #427 - Melissa Turns The Tables

December 04, 2023
On today’s show we are turning the tables and Nic and John will be interviewed by our guest host Melissa Bent. We’ll also cover Content Model Documentation as our module of the week.


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  • What made you decide to start the podcast
  • Who does what tasks
  • The first episode was on May 30 2013. What do you know now that you wish you knew then
  • When did the guest host start
  • What has been your favorite episode
  • How did you come to this format
  • Where did the tagline come from
  • What technology do you use in production
  • The show is supported by multiple platforms, would you recommend this
  • What advice would you give someone just starting


  • Brief description:
    • Have you wanted to make your Drupal site self-documenting directly within the admin UI? There’s a module for that.
  • Brief history
    • How old: created in Jan 2023
    • Versions available: 1.0.23, compatible with Drupal 9 and 10
  • Maintainership
    • Actively maintained, latest release was a week ago
    • Test coverage
    • No official guide, but there was a recent talk about the module at GovCon, so you can watch that
    • Number of open issues: 43 open, 9 of which are bugs
  • Usage stats:
    • 82 sites
  • Maintainer(s):
    • Steve Wirt (swirt) who works for Civic Actions
  • Module features and usage
    • Allows your Drupal site to generate its own documentation
    • Has fieldable Content Model Document entities that allow you to customize what data will be stored
    • Can optionally document things like your content types, taxonomies, block types, paragraph types, and more
    • Documentation elements can also be associated with parts of your site configuration, and they become available within the relevant parts of your admin UI. For example, if you add documentation for a specific content type, when a site builder goes into edit that content type they will see a link to the documentation as a tab
    • You can generate entity relationship diagrams using MermaidJS
    • Also includes a field search capability originally developed as a separate module by Matthieu Scarset, who was a guest on this show back in episode #298
    • Will also generate diagrams to illustrate your content workflows, showing the states defined and the transitions between them