Talking Drupal #398 - Drupal at your fingertips book

May 08, 2023
Today we are talking about The D9 Book with Selwyn Polit.


direct Link
  • What is the Drupal at your fingertips book
  • When did you start the book
  • How long did the first draft take
  • Why is it online only
    • Have you considered printing it
  • How often do you work on it
  • Most interesting tidbit
    • Most obscure
  • What was it like using git for a book
  • Any plans to use Drupal for editing
  • Do you plan to update it for Drupal 10
  • Any AI tools
    • Chat GPT
    • Github copilot
  • Any plans to expand to other technologies
  • How can you contribute to the book


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