Talking Drupal #391 - Building Your Career

March 20, 2023

Today we are talking about Building Your Career with Mike Anello.





  • How we started our careers
  • Broad career opportunities
  • Mentorship
  • Roles
  • First step after graduating
  • First step in switching
  • Common hurdles
  • Resources like Drupal Easy
  • Value of a career in Drupal
  • How do you find jobs
  • How do you build and maintain your Drupal career
  • How about your Drupal resume
  • Any advice


if (class_exists('Kint')) {
  // Set the max_depth to prevent out-of-memory.
  \Kint::$max_depth = 4;

Module of the Week: 

Devel Debug Log

Allows developers to inspect the contents of variables. If those are classes you can inspect nested properties and all methods available.