Talking Drupal #358 - A Project Browser Update

July 26, 2022
Today we are talking about The Project Browser with Leslie Glynn & Tim Plunkett.


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  • What is Project Browser
  • How are you involved?
  • What is the Drupal Acceleration Team and how is it involved with Project Browser
  • Will it be in Drupal 10 or 11?
  • How are you organizing module data on d.o?
  • How does PB showcase the community working on modules?
  • How does PB work with other initiatives like Automatic Updates
  • How has management changed over the project?
  • Security?
  • How is Chris Wells as an initiative lead?
  • What makes a good project lead?
  • Anything else?




This module provides integration with the Algolia service, through Drupal’s Search API. This module is intended to be used by developers, as it does not currently provide any implementation of an actual search interface. Only indexing is currently supported. As a result, enabling that module will not have any visible effect on your application. Search functionality may be implemented using the Algolia Javascript API.