Talking Drupal #340 - Storybook

March 22, 2022
Today we are talking about storybook with Randy Oest.


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  • Integration with Drupal
  • Headless environments
  • Emulsify
  • When would you not use Storybook
  • Interesting use cases
  • Chromatic (not the Drupal agency)
  • Resources for getting started
  • What is Storybook
  • Why are component libraries so popular
  • Difference between Storybook and Patternlab
  • Why choose Storybook
  • Useful Addons
    • Docs
    • Controls
    • Accessibility
    • Screen Size
    • Figma
    • Zeppelin
    • Write your own
    • Chromatic visual testing

Basic perimeter defence for a Drupal site. This module bans the IPs who send suspicious requests to the site. The concept is: if you have no business here, go away.