Talking Drupal #324 - The New

November 30, 2021
Welcome to Talking Drupal. Today we are talking about The New SimplyTest.Me with Adam Bergstein & Matt Glaman.


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  • John - Went to Maine
  • Kevin - Movie marathon – heading back to Chicago
  • Adam - Surprise reservation
  • Matt - New development on phpstan-drupal Contributions from brambaud – New job!!
  • Nic - Vet with kitako
  • Listeners new to episode 279
  • Brief history
  • New upgrade!
  • When will Drupal 10 be on
  • Tech partners
    • Tugboat
    • Amazee
    • Violinist
  • Process for getting one click demos
    • Plugin, you can contribute
  • Roadmap
    • Merge request support
  • Drupal pod
  • How we can help


A radically new UI layout paired with goodies like a Darkmode will give your Drupal’s Admin interface a facelift. The Gin theme also includes things which are currently out of scope for Claro and/or some customisations we’re experimenting with for the future. Built on the foundation of Claro from one of the lead designers of Claro & Drupal Design System.