Talking Drupal #123 - Paragraphs

June 29, 2016

In episode #123 we take about the red hot module, Paragraphs





  • What is Paragraphs
  • Why use it?
  • Features
  • Use Cases
  • Supporting Modules





Another great episode, thanks. I did see similarities to the last episode in that, like for taxonomy terms, I think using paragraph fields only for content that users will not view on its own page is maybe a rule to follow. Although there are many uses, I think the original intent was to replace WYSYWIG, thus the "paragraphs" name.

I ran across this recent article that I thought was interesting: ...note the "Reusable Entities" section: "If you want to reuse the same paragraph on multiple pages, you're out of luck".

Rick - Thanks for listening.  After using paragraphs on a few recent priojects I can't imagine not using on most project moving forwrd.  It works well in Drupal as well.

That article is helpful in comparing Entity Construction Kit and Paragraphs.  Reuse is the only real difference.   The areas where ECK wins, Paragraophs will catch up with maturity, ECK has a two year lead. 


Hi, I caught John's talk about Paragraphs at the NEDCamp at the end of September at SNHU and I've just watched this video as a little refresher. I'm going to start working with Paragraphs now in my sandbox site. I may check back if/when I have questions.



Jo - Thanks for attending NEDCamp.   If you have any question, let us know.  


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