Talking Drupal #072 - Mobile Friendly Drupal

November 06, 2014
In episode #72 we talk about the keys to building a mobile friendly website.


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  • Episode #71 - Jeff Robbins
  • What do we mean by Mobile Friendly Drupal?
  • What makes a site friendly
  • Modules to help
  • 10-15-14


Macaw - visual web design tool -

Brackets - new open-source code editor from Adobe -

InVisionApp - visual prototyping & collaboration tool -

Front End Developer provides an easy to use toolkit for theme developers that assists in the building of themes.

Features include:

  • Displays current viewport resolution
  • Displays common media query resolutions ( ie. Mobile, Tablet, Desktop )
  • Highlights defined sidebar regions
  • Highlights links that do not have a destination set
  • Highlights images without alt tags set