Talking Drupal #069 - Scenarios

October 22, 2014
In episode #69 talk about ways we would approach two common problems.


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  • Scenario 1 - “I have a Drupal 6 website and I need to get to Drupal 7”
  • Scenario 2 - “I cannot get support from my current Drupal developer”

Allow administrators on sites to create checklists that must be completed by users of the site. Each user can see their checklists on the "Checklists" tab of their account.

Multiple checklists can be created and assigned to users to complete depending on their role (or other groups in 2.x). Additional checklist options:

  • Specify to only make new users complete a checklist.
  • Assign a role on completion of checklist.
  • Limit navigation until checklist is complete (it will not allow the users to go anywhere except to items on the checklist).
  • Force checklist items to be completed in order.

Multiple checklist item types that can be expanded via hooks/API. Implemented by default in both version:

  • User check - the user simply clicks/checks the item.
  • Admin check - a user with the correct permission must check the item off of the checklist.
  • Node create - user must create a certain node type.
  • Node agree - user must visit a node and click I agree at the bottom.
  • Page view - user must visit a given page within the site.