Talking Drupal #056 - OTC #3

July 23, 2014
In episode #56 OTC (Off the cuff) we talk about wearables at Disney, Facebook experiments and Aegir.


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  • Responsive Typography Book by Jason 
  • Stephen trip to Disney and the Technology advances
    • We discuss how the Magic Band (wearable tech) is currently being used at Disne
    • Location servers being used at Dollywood
    • Location services being used Dana Farber
  • Facebook experiment 
    • Changing peoples moods based on content provided to the user.   A small debate the ethics of what Facebook was doing.
  • Being Involved in the Drupal Community
    • Does it help your business - hosts share how the community involvement has helped their business
  • Aegir
    • What is Aegir
    • What has Nic done recently in Aegir - sandboxing a designer 

Stephen’s Blog Post -

Aegir Project -

D4D - Responsive Bootcamp Aug 1 - 3

Nerd Summit - Sept 12 - 14

NEWDCamp - Nov 1 - Jeff Robbins keynote

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