Talking Drupal #026 - Drupal Hooks

December 04, 2013
In episode #026 we talk about Drupal Hooks, what are they and how to use them.


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  • Two types of Drupal developers - “Drupal Site builder” vs “Drupal Developer”...
  • What is a Hook
  • Example of common hooks used
  • Terminology when discussing hooks
  • Need to Create a Module 
  • Basic Steps for implementing a Hook
  • Things you need

The Attachment Links module provides permanent links to files attached to a node. A single, easy-to-remember URL can be used to retrieve the preferred (canonical) or newest version of a file regardless of how many versions of that file have been attached to a node.

Typically, users will want to create a "File" content type and enable the Attachment Links module for that content type. Each "File" node should refer to a single file: "Handbook," "Company logo," "Team roster," etc. Though each node could contain multiple versions of the file, Attachment Link provides permanent link to access the preferred or newest versions.