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Talking Drupal #272 - GitLab Update

November 29, 2020

In episode #223, August 2019, Tim Lehnen, from the Drupal Association, joined us to talk about Drupal git Org moving to GitLab. A year and a half later Tim joins again to talk about project status and recent advancements.

Talking Drupal #269 - Home Automation

November 5, 2020

We have a VERY special guest today to talk about the considerations when automating your home. Thank you for joining us today, Nic Laflin. Nic mentioned home automation on many of his updates over the past few years, today we dig in a little more.

Talking Drupal #267 - Nubay

October 25, 2020

Today we talk with the founder of Nubay a non-profit that is empowering other non-profits with Drupal. There is a narrative that Drupal 8 is for enterprise customers. Nubay is an example of how enterprise functionality benefits websites of all sizes.