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Talking Drupal #260 - Great Gatsby

August 20, 2020

One year, almost to the day, we recorded episode #224 with Shane Thomas and Grant Glidewell about Gatsby. Today we talk with Shane again about what is new with Gatsby’s integration with Drupal.

Talking Drupal #259 - Maintainers Project

August 13, 2020

Drupal 9 is out, while most commonly used modules are ready or will be soon, what about those modules that haven’t been maintained in a few years? In comes the Maintainers Support Project. We have Damien McKenna and Greg Boggs joining us to tell us all about it.

Talking Drupal #257 - Kubernetes

August 2, 2020

Today we learn about Kubernetes. What it is, how it’s used and why we should care about it. We are joined by Michael and Toby from amazee.io to explain this all..

Talking Drupal #254 - Webform - New Features

July 6, 2020

Webform was one of those modules that seemed abandoned on Drupal 7 until Jacob Rockowitz stepped in. Since then webform has not stopped evolving. Jacob joins us to talk about the most recent enhancements.

Talking Drupal #253 - Drupal 9.0

June 27, 2020

Over the past six months we have touched on Drupal 9, today we are all Drupal 9.0. We talk about what’s here now and what’s coming.