Talking Drupal #098 -

July 1, 2015

In episode #98, Josh Mitchell, CTO Drupal Association, talks with us about





  • Guest: Josh Mitchell
  • What falls under domain of products and services
  • Marketplace
  • Projects
  • DrupalCI
  • Jobs
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Joshua Mitchell

IRC: joshuami

twitter: @joshua_io

Jobs -

Module of the Week: 


Create charts in Drupal using the Highcharts JavaScript library. This module includes an API and Views integration.


Hey "guys with 1 thing in common ...": your 'module of the week' was too challenging for me to NOT react / respond to it ... You may want to look at for dozens of other "charting modules in Drupal-land" ... Maybe some day you want to dedicate an entire episode to just "charting in Drupal" ... The link I provided could be used as a draft version of possible agenda topics. If invited to do so, I'd be happy to somehow participate / join the conversation. Full disclosure: I'm the (new) maintainer of the "Chart" and "Charts" module, struggling these days to resolve the depricated (by Google) charting engine for the Chart module ... For more info about me, refer to my profile on D.O, or to ...

PS 1: great shows, I learned a lot from them over the past year(s) or so.
PS 2: what happened to Jason?

Very late on this reply!  I will be reaching out to you regarding your show recommendation.    

Jason had a job change that prevents him from joining on a weekly basis. Thanks for listening and posting.  

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