Talking Drupal #117 - Solr

April 7, 2016

In episode #117 we talk about using Solr for search on a Drupal website.





  • Core search
  • What is Solr
  • How does Solr work
  • Benefits of using Solr
  • Features of Solr



Setting up Solar  -

Apache Solr -

Rubber Duck Debugging -

Views Help Text Bug (Patch #36) - 

Open Solr -

Module of the Week: 

Multi-Step Registration

With Multi-Step Registration you can create multi-step (wizard) user account registration forms. Each step of the wizard can be configured to, optionally, expose one or more Profile2 types.



Hi guys, excellent podcast! I just wanted to mention a couple of things:

If you want to use Solr with views, you need to create a view that shows index results instead of content, so you need to plan that on advance otherwise if you want to switch to use solr in your view, you need to rebuild the view.

Also you can use a ton of configuration from Search API and just hitting your db instead of an index for solr, it's not as performant but it may be a good solution for certain scenarios, even uses it.
If you are using d7 you'll also need

Cesar - thanks for input!

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