Front End

Talking Drupal #132 -Drupal Licensing GPL

November 9, 2016

Recorded the day after the US Presidential Election, John , Nick and I were a bit tired after watching election results throughout the night, but energized for a discussion with Kevin Reynen about Drupal Licensing. A recent community ‘conversation’ between WordPress and Wix sparked our interest to talk about the GPL. If you are making money with Open Source software, you should pay attention to licensing.

Talking Drupal #043 - Web Fonts

April 2, 2014

In episode #043 we talk about Web Fonts. Our resident expert, Jason, leads us through the world of Web Fonts answering questions like “What are web fonts?”, “Is it better to server them from my server or user a service?”, “How does the licensing work?”, “what are tips for choosing fonts?”